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Why ASK professor?

Who is the  professor -“Profa”? Profa is someone who has gathered a team of colleagues, someone who tells this idea to his colleagues, friends, students and everyone he meets, so we went from words to deeds. It is this enthusiasm that started everything and feel free to ask the professor everything that interests you in the field of education, studies, employment, about additional education, training and various professional trainings.

Pitaj profu

One of the questions we asked ourselves was, does anyone know how big wil the price be that education   has to ‘ pay ‘ at the end of pandemics, and does anyone have any idea when it will be over? Today is January 2021 🙂

Will “Corona team” additionally ruin the already  ruined education in Serbia and abroad, because the situation is similar in other countries. Schools, colleges, the education system as a whole, had to switch to online learning overnight, very little known to the general public. Professors who did not know how to turn on the computer had to “immediately” prepare online classes for everything they know and the entire program according to which they taught pupils, students, children. RTS got a new channel for broadcasting online classes and everything could start.

The faculties initially thought that the corona would pass quickly, so they started the preparations a bit  relaxed until the Minister started shouting  at the army of administrative workers of the Ministry of Education, the order was passed on loudly, so the army of faculty professors, with great help at that time they showed all the advantages that the successor of the department brings, began with the lion’s share of extensive material, a new way of education in the world known as online or distance learning. 

The corona and the online era did not pass by physical education teachers either, so for days, we watched a great physical education teacher on YouTube showing children exercises online. Some laughed, and we colleagues congratulated on the professionalism and we could only say: “Well done sir!”

preuzeto sa YT kanala

Why would I study when I can cheat?

Most parents have heard this sentence many times lately, and our children (I really mean the smartest in the world), learned it by heart and adopted it as a multiplication table. We have to admit that there are numerous advantages of online learning, online work that large companies have rapidly switched to, but we forget that the base and work habits are acquired in primary school, and it is a springboard for high school, college and beyond.

If we teach children from the first grade online, our future will be very much in question. Will future doctors “google” where the appendix is, in order to operate ? Is the online system really omnipotent or is it just a necessary evil, let’s all ask ourselves out loud now. Who if not me, when if not now. That is why, Moms and Dads, as of today, we, professors with many years of experience in transferring knowledge, declare you teachers, and it really doesn’t matter which school you finished, your children, they depend on you and now they need you as well. 

Those who have money, and if they want to pay for additional classes for a professional to teach them, let them do so, but again with detailed control and mandatory parental examination, which has had the most success in educating children for centuries.

High school students, now this is a new challenge for you and no matter how much time you steal online, serious work awaits you in college, and one whole book for first grade in math, for example, is just one lesson in college. You should know that the real challenges are yet to come, and high school is the same as it used to be in elementary school, so if you stop there, someone more ambitious will take over your jobs in real life, although that is certainly not the rule today.

In education, if you cheat, you have only deceived yourself, because you remember the famous saying: “whoever does not pay on the bridge, will pay on the bridge”. You high school students are, as one fellow professor defined, half children, half people, and it really is so. You enroll in high school as a minor, and finish it as an adult with all legal rights and obligations. You have to suddenly become “big,” and take responsibility. Our advice to you is to study conscientiously, no matter how foreign it may seem to you at the moment, and help your parents who care, learn even when you don’t have to, because that is the way to success, and once you become parents, you will understand what we talked about.

Instead of a conclusion

The professor is an education advisor, a World Bank consultant and a professor at several faculties in the country and abroad. He recognized the great gap in education and decided to try to do something about it. You can ask a professor literally everything about education, because the professor is not alone. He also invited other professors from various industries and as a team of experts, who should have the answer to all your questions, we are at your disposal.

The professor is YOUR professor  before and after graduating from college, because that is the point. A professor is a character who is remembered for a lifetime, if he deserves it of course! You don’t believe it, I’m sure 99% of you remember the name of your first teacher, but not the names of some high school teachers. You see, we are right, aren’t we, and you think about why that is so. We know and that is why we try to deserve you to remember us for good and recommend us tomorrow to your friends, friends, children, and maybe we will interest you to become a director and part of our team that will pass our story from generation to generation.

The professor chose his profession out of love. There is a famous saying of a professor who says: “When I see how much my salary is, I know that I do my job out of love”. There are no professors who are millionaires, but there are those who are rich. Yes, our wealth is not money, our wealth is love, a view that asks us for help in the form of knowledge, that view that seeks attention, a learning model, help in future work, advice and a friend’s friend. Students also call the professor when they finish college, when they get a job and have a question, sometimes at a wedding, a violation, and sometimes to enroll their son or daughter in college. Well, when we summarize, it’s really nice to be a Professor. Ask the Professor!

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