The mediator in practice: From the registration of a business entity to the client

Applications are in progress!

The training will take place after the formation of a group of 10 participants.

Our expert program for mediators will be conducted over the course of two days. A total of 2 × 5 classes of 45 minutes each will be held. This will be scored as 10 hours of professional training.

The training covers the basic areas of the practical activities for the mediators in the system of economic entities. This will involve the terms of obligations, business rules, and opportunities for mediation from the perspective of economic entities.

The topics on which the training is based are the following:

  • Types of economic entities
  • Comparative interpretation and analysis of the most suitable economic entities for the mediators
  • Legal regulations of the mediation
  • The process of opening a business entity with the Business Registers Agency
  • Tax obligations of the mediators, other obligations to the state, personal income, social insurance, proper business of intermediaries
  • Keeping business books, invoicing brokerage services, business records and reporting as a legal obligation of the mediators
  • Interpretation of various laws relevant to intermediaries, such as: the Law on Companies, the Law on Labour, and the Law on Tax Procedure etc.
  • How to reach a client
  • How to organize a mediation workspace
  • Marketing and entrepreneurial promotion model
  • Advantages of direct and indirect advertising

After the theoretical part, the program moves on to practice the application of acquired knowledge and processed topics.

Posrednik u praksi 2

Specialized training with this content is designed according to the specific needs of the mediators for the independent business. Our program’s purpose is to offer clients professional development according to the organization of business engagement.

Knowledge of the business framework, conditions and obligations – as well as of the potential limitations – provides a fundamental basis for constant development.

Furthermore, this training provides answers on how to ideally reach the clients, as well as gaining insights into the targeted implementation of marketing strategies to promote and provide mediation services.

Enrollment conditions:

The training can be attended by participants who have a valid mediation permit.

Training price: 20. 000 dinars + VAT.

Applications are in progress!

The training will take place after the formation of a group of 10 participants.

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