Mediation in the Field of Individual and Collective Labour Disputes

Applications are in progress!

The training will  take place after the formation of a group of 10 participants.

Our expert program for mediators will be conducted over the course of two days. A total of 2 × 5 classes of 45 minutes each will be held. This will be scored as 10 hours of professional training.

Posredovanje u oblasti individualnih i kolektivnih radnih sporova min 1

The lecture will cover the following topics:

  • Introducing students to the necessary occupations and communication skills and ways to best resolve economic disputes
  • Labour disputes, individual and collective
  • Getting acquainted with the laws that regulate the areas that are being processed, the law on the peaceful settlement of labour disputes, the law on obligations, etc.
  • Introducing students to the types of commercial disputes and the application of mediation in them
  • The notion of labour disputes
  • Violations of workers’ rights
  • Collective agreements and other general acts
  • Employment contracts
  • Way of determining meditable disputes in the field of labour disputes
  • Skills and knowledge necessary for successful mediation in these disputes
  • Practical mediation exercises in the areas of individual and collective labour disputes

 Enrollment conditions:

The training can be attended by participants who have a valid mediation permit.

Training price: 17. 000 dinars + VAT.

Applications are in progress!

Registration is underway!

The training will take place after the formation of a group of 10 participants.

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