Mediation in commercial disputes

Applications are in progress!

The training will  take place after the formation of a group of 10 participants.

Our expert program for mediators will be conducted over the course of two days. A total of 2 × 5 classes of 45 minutes each will be held. This will be scored as 10 hours of professional training.

Posredovanje u privrednim sporovima

The lecture will cover the following topics:

  • Concept and necessary knowledge for resolving disputes in the economy through mediation or arbitration
  • The notion of economy and economic disputes
  • The beginning of the processing of cases in the field of commercial disputes
  • Laws regulating the field of commercial disputes
  • Law on the Organization of Courts
  • Law on Obligations
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Insurance Act
  • Company Law
  • Law on Economic Offenses
  • Visibility and determination of both mediatable and non-mediatable disputes
  • Mediator skills and knowledge required to conduct this type of dispute
  • Practical exercises and practical examples from mediation where the subject was economic disputes

 Enrollment conditions:

The training can be attended by participants who have a valid mediation permit.

Training price: 17. 000 dinars + VAT.

Applications are in progress!

Registration is underway!

The training will take place after the formation of a group of 10 participants.

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