Our team

Prof. Dr. Igor Pejovic

World Bank Consultant

Igor is a university professor with lecture experience in Europe, Asia, and America. He is a long-time consultant to the World Bank, Washington D.C., the United States, and an expert in finance and money laundering prevention.

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Dr. sci Nevenka Pavličić

Clinical psychology specialist

Nevenka is a university professor in Business Psychology I and II. She completed her specialization in medical psychology at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. She has held numerous educational seminars…

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Dr. sci. Dragana Đurić Jočić

Specialist psychologist

Dr. sci. Dragana Đurić Jočić is a specialized psychologist who graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, where she received her master’s and doctoral degrees in the field of psychological assessment. She completed her specialization in…

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Snežana Ivković

Judge – Mediator

Snežana Ivković, was born in Belgrade on February 22, 1971. She enrolled at the Faculty of Law in 1989 and graduated in March 1994 with an average grade of 8.50. She studied criminology and was active in many groups…

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Jelena Bojović

International master trainer, accredited coach, professional consultant

Jelena Bojović is a licensed coach. She is one of the leading coaches of development skills in our area region, as well as a successful professional consultant who has been developing the potential of employees in domestic and foreign companies for years…

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Gabrijela Tričković


Gabriela is a certified Master life coach and a certified psychotherapist of the OLI method. Gabriela worked at the school and her work with adolescents is what makes her especially unique…

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Željka Košutić

Institute of Mental Health

Professional and scientific titles:

  • Doctor of Medical Sciences, spec. – acquired at the Faculty of Medicine in Kragujevac in 2019.
  • Specialist in psychiatry – acquired at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade in 2007.
  • Doctor of Medicine – acquired at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade in 2001.…
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Vladimir Đukanović


Vladimir Đukanović was born on March 2nd, 1979. He graduated from the State Faculty of Law in Belgrade and then enrolled in master’s studies. His master’s thesis, “Criminal Law in the Code of Prince Danilo Petrović”, was widely …

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Ivana Raković

Family, marital, and individual psychotherapist

Ivana is a recipient of the National Certificate for Psychotherapy and of several education degrees in the field: systemic family psychotherapy, adolescent psychiatry/psychotherapy, rehabilitation and improvement of the quality…

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In addition to the above mentioned, part of our team are numerous external associates, specialists in their industries who are invited to our center to transfer part of their knowledge to interested candidates.