Written on the Epiphany Night of the Lord 2021!

Today, the two most common words are ONLINE and PANDEMIC. Yes, you probably went online also, whether you wanted to or not, because the COVID19 pandemic made us do so.

Online pandemija 2021 en

Now everyone has heard of Zoom, Webex, and other programs to watch and talk online with relatives who are far away while the now forgotten Skype watched it all helplessly.

When they first told me at work that I could work online from home, the first thing that came to my mind was that I was fired. I sadly stepped out of the large building where the even larger company was located and wondered if I would ever go back there. With a little help and a lot of effort, I managed to turn into an IT expert and realized that computers were invented by people. For the most part, they can’t work without us, but it seems that we can’t work without them. A living person gets used to everything, so we quickly got used to working from home, working in pajamas, shaving every second or third day, working with the TV on, a sandwich, coffee, or other drinks. One may think, this online work from home is not so bad.

A PANDEMIC. I really think we have all been affected by a pandemic: an online pandemic. We got hooked online like cigarette addicts. Could we do without the internet, Google, or smartphones? Imagine going back in time and finding yourself in the era of color films. How would one manage? Here I am laughing and thinking I could replace a comfortable car with a horse, or that I could drink water from a stream and sleep under a clear sky and look at the stars as I sit down. One could, in theory, but…

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Find out more at the following link

A few years ago, I first heard about studying online in America. It did not seem honest or convincing to me. What quality of education do the United States now offer? Who will find it interesting and who would want to enroll in such a way of studying at all? Considering today’s perspective, I’m really giving my respect to their insight into the future–they’re the ones creating the future. In this link you can watch the 1985 movie “Back to the Future” and see what kind of things we laughed at and dismissed, only for much of it to materialize.

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And now a question for all of us. Are we ready to welcome the ONLINE PANDEMIC? Learning online, work online, shopping online, life online and pandemic covid19 online…

We’ll see eachother in one of the next blogs. Until then I greet you and wish you good health. The rest will be easier.

Yours, Professor.