You might aspire to become a manager. In this case, you want to receive additional professional education.

Today, the managerial chair is tempting, but without permanent additional education, old managers easily lose their positions and face competition by holders of foreign certificates, trained managers with foreign diplomas, and those with other specialized trainings.

Fear not! We have designed a “management package” for you!

Our “Managers” training

The first step is consultations with a professor and his team. Again, we define short-term and long-term goals and move towards them. Consultations and conversations guide us, but that is not enough.

The second step is personality testing and professional testing of managers. Based on the most modern foreign tests that have been used for decades all over the world, with a unique diagnosis we get precise results that clearly tell us what business skills the candidate has, and what skills one needs to improve. These tests are especially necessary for candidates who have been performing a managerial function for some time and are not able to progress at all. With clearly defined training, we expand your business knowledge rapidly, which will be reflected in the results of the company where the candidate works.

Our tests will show you in which industry you are the best and which job you can master without extreme effort and unnecessary stress. A team of doctors of psychology, psychotherapists, internationally verified trainers, with decades of experience in practice, together with you perform test analysis and you receive additional sessions to select the best educations for you.

The following training and specializations are most needed for you in the first business package.

Coaching 1: 1

Mentoring 1: 1

Business English 1: 1

Other training according to the team’s assessment and the candidate’s abilities.