Instead about us

The roots of the ICEPD are a story itself.

Our concept is clear, transparent, and tangible. We are a group of university professors, scientists, and researchers with many years of academic experience. We strive to fill the huge gap in all levels of education. Our “Education Clinic” features our renowned local and international staff, who work in education out of love and the desire to leave permanent impressions. Hence the name International Center. Today, diplomas can be bought because knowledge is “no longer in fashion”. If you want to buy knowledge, you need to spend days researching a sea of ​​offers that are more confusing than simply specifying: “here is what you need”. A degree from college today does not guarantee a job to anyone. Unfortunately, academic knowledge acquired through four or five years of study is often dismissed by many employers. Employers no longer ask what college you graduated from, but what you know.

When it comes to testing real knowledge, problems arise, so disappointment is manifested among both employers and job candidates. Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find quality staff to improve their business. Candidates are just as vulnerable to disappointment. Globalization and new tendencies have ruined the once great educational system, and applicable knowledge is missing from higher education more than ever. ICEPD has recognized all the problems plaguing the education system. We decided to get actively involved in applied education. Just as there are large private clinics that use state-of-the-art medical equipment, our ICEPD “clinic” is meant to serve as a valuable compliment or alternative to our public education system.

ICEPD (International Center for Education and Personal Development)

We hire the best to make you the best!

Quality is one of the most controversial terms in the business world. For us, it’s an opportunity to know and implement the needs of every candidate who turns to us for help in the field of primary and further education. We start with a direct meeting between the candidates and the council of our team. We then use this information to identify the needs and preferences of candidates into precisely targeted training.