The Education Clinic was created as part of the “Ask the Professor” and “” projects. The beginning was difficult because it was necessary to combine several items. As a result, the name Education Clinic was the first working name of the current “INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR EDUCATION AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT LLC”.


Why a clinic?

Our clinic deals with education. We recognized the huge gap in education at all levels and decided to make our contribution. We strive to be a refreshing bulwark against the purchasing of diplomas, cheating on exams, and similar manipulations that have ultimately degraded the value of your diploma.

How to make up for four or more years in a short period is a question we always face. Yes, you read that right, we guarantee our work because we have gathered the best so that you can be the best. You, yes, you are the key. You are responsible for taking in and retaining the lifelong skills and strategies taught in our clinic!

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You buy knowledge from us and lose out if you don’t put in the work. We don’t cheat with cards because we play our cards very well. With us there are no excuses, draws, unfinished homework, and cheating.

Our methods are modern and tested worldwide. After leaving our clinics, you come out ready for new victories and challenges. Today, all serious employers hire internal or external HR services. You are already asked to show noticeable knowledge at the first job interview. The employer no longer asks you what degree you have, but what you know, your expectations, and proof that you are the right person for the job. What is important to know is that you have very strong cards with our discharge list. Our name alone lets the employer know that you are accomplished.

Our discharge list contains your professionally written CV in the colors of the company you are applying at, the targeted skills you possess that we previously struggled to acquire, recognized international certificates in which your knowledge of foreign languages, office365 packages, letters of recommendation are precisely assessed. The potential employer may decide to review the internship you attend with our subcontractors, as well as our letter of recommendation which says that we as a center guarantee that you have passed the entire preparatory training and testing with us.


The procedure is simple. If you come across the words pitaj profu (ask a professor) anywhere on the internet, clinic for education, remember us. Three websites lead to us:

To schedule a consultation, simply click HERE

That is the first step. Schedule a free consultation and we arrange either for an online consultation or to reach us, whichever is easier for you. After 45 minutes of conversation with you (and your parents if necessary), we will define our common goal and then move towards its realization. If necessary, we will do a magnetic resonance of your previous knowledge, do a couple of internationally recognized personality tests, targeted professional orientation, and get the necessary inputs so that we have a clear picture of our current position and work simultaneously on several fronts. Now you step on the podium. We are professors who teach you, guide you, encourage you, but it’s all up to you. Our work is only the necessary 20% to achieve the goal, your share is 80%. Hard? Yes, we know–but it’s less than going to a higher education program for four or more years. Remember, we have a goal and are moving towards it. There are various obstacles on the way to the goal, but together we are stronger and there is no giving up once we start. One of my favorite professors used to say: “Come on, please, they teach that bear in the circus to ride a bike, and you couldn’t learn this?”

Ask the professor and we will show you the way, but you will have to traverse it!