There are two attached documents, the DECISION of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia in which the International Center for Education and Personal Development is allowed to conduct basic training of intermediaries, as well as the consent to conduct online training.

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia has placed its trust in us, now it’s your turn!

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ICEPD Education Center


The students

In this group, we offer help at all levels to students, both new and old, or those who would like…

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We make an ideal job candidate out of the ordinary.

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You might aspire to become a manager. In this case, you want to receive additional professional education….

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We hire the best to make you the best!

Quality is one of the most controversial terms in the business world. For us, it’s an opportunity to know and implement the needs of every candidate who turns to us for help in the field of primary and further education.

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ICEPD – Instead about us

Our concept is clear, transparent, and tangible. We are a group of university professors, scientists, and researchers with many years of academic experience….

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